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Where Did Our Love For Animals Come From?

From the beginning of time people have had a connection with animals, domestic or wild. Animals were domesticated mainly, for functional use. For example, cats were used to kill mice and dogs for tracking and hunting. Results from researches done in the late 18th century show that animals were even used to help rehabilitation in the the mentally ill. Today, our relationship with animals is primarily bonding. In fact, we love our animals so much that over the years, we have created a variety of animal themed entertainment like zoos, circus, movies and even online casino games. Remember pets can be dangerous, be vigilant when leaving your children alone with large pets, if anything happens I recommend visiting a website like for legal advice on your options. While historically, animals were mainly kept outside or in a barn, current studies show that 60–80% of dogs sleep with their owners at night, either in or on the bed, while the majority of cats are now kept inside and considered part of the family. Currently, in the US, for example, over 1 billion animals are kept as pets. Many researches are regularly conducted on the potential benefits of the human–animal bond. Our pets are indeed part of our family and we now care for them as much as we care for our children. This would explain why we are fascinated by them and that they have been used in so many movies and casino games, such as the ones available with, and grand mondial casino. Take a look at their site and find your favourite games.

Our Top Pick : Alley Cats Slot Machine, The Slot for Cat Lovers

Alley Cats Slot machine happens to be a new video game launched at Microgaming Online Casinos. This game comes with a multiplayer, free spin as well as scatter symbol. It is possible to win as much as $50,000 while playing Alley Cats Slot which is 5 reels along with 9 paylines. Being a non-progressive game, Alley Cats Slot machine is all about bowling. One will be able to play along with several awesome cats and he can likewise bet from $.01 to $45.

This game offers some innovative features which will provide a great experience for everybody including those who are new to online casino. One can navigate all around this game quite easily while enjoying the jazz music in the background.

In case your primary intention is to enjoy playing this fantastic game while generating some revenues as well, then this game is ideal for you. Bear in mind that your prize is going to be bigger depending on how well-fed the felines are on your screen. Consequently, it would be prudent to look out for fatter cats that will help to bring you more revenues. Make sure to play via a trustworthy online casinos; the top ones can be found at Zodiac Casino hoax, a reliable site.

We like to conclude this article by asserting that Alley Cats Slot will definitely provide you with a mind-boggling experience even if you are not that fond of cats. The colorful backgrounds, as well as the cuteness of the cats, are something that is really worth mentioning. You will be able to play this game at all casinos that use the software provided by Microgaming. So, don’t give any second thoughts and start playing Alley Cats Slot Machine to have the time of your life. If you’re looking for new game releases, make sure to check as they have recently released new games such as The Shogun of Time, The Great Albini or Bookie of Odds!

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Animal Themed Casino Games


Dogfather is a fun dog mafia themed casino game. Dogfather is a five reel, twenty payline and one hundred coin slot game. Dogfather has a wild symbol, a scatter symbol, a Mark your Territory bonus game, and a Free Spins bonus game. Dog Father can deliver 13,000 coin maximum regular jackpot when you hit 5 Wild Dogfather symbols that can turn into 39,000 coins win during a Free Spins round. Additionaly, the Dogfather offers two bonus games, the Mark your Territory bonus game and the Free Spins bonus game. While it’s not as good as the progressive Mega Moolah slot, it still has it’s fair share of awesome slots features. Here are some of the symbols features: The Dog Father himself (Da Boss), is a flashy bulldog who flashes his cigars and big bankrolls. It is a wild symbol and will substitute all other symbols except the Itchy da Flea symbol and the Hydrant symbol. The Itchy da Flea symbol is a scatter symbol which means it doesn’t need to appear in a line on an enabled payline to win. The Itchy da Flea symbol can be scattered anywhere on the five reels provided three or more Itchy da Flea symbols appear. Psychedelic fire Hydrants symbols tell you it’s bonus time – hit 3 or more Hydrants to activate the bonus round. You choose up to 5 hydrants from a selection of 13 multi-colored hydrants. Your total win can reach up to 32,500 coins in the main game, with 2,650 available in bonuses and a huge 97,500 coins possible through the Free Spin Feature. Other symbols include: Duster , Revolver , Stuffed Bunny , Cigar , Cutter and Wallet , Knuckle Duster , Shampoo and Gloves and other Humor related icons. If you like fun graphics, flashy symbols and mafia movies, you will like this Dogfather online casino game. To discover this game visit, a great site to discover more slot machines with animal themed games.

Crazy Crocodile

Crazy Crocodile is a three reel, one payline, and three coin casino online slots game which doesn’t sound like a crazy game at first! But don’t be fooled by this slots simplicity because even though it is a one payline slots, there is actually a lot you can do. For example, the Crazy Crocodile is not only your wild but your scatter symbol as well which means it will substitute any other symbol to complete a winning combination and it will payout if it appears in any position on all three reels. Three Crazy Crocodile symbols scattered anywhere can payout up to 1 000 coins at the casino online. And three Crocodiles on the payline will payout up to a maximum of 4 000 coins. So all you want to be seeing in this game is the Crazy Croc!

Flying Circus

Flying Circus is a five reel, twenty payline, and four hundred casino video slot. Like the title says, it will take you straight to the Circus. The intro takes you inside the game where you are introduced to the cast. The reel symbols include a Ring Master, Lion, Girl, Clown, Elephant, High Top, Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten and a Nine. Flying Circus has a substitute symbol, a scatter symbol and a Free Spins bonus game. The jackpot symbol on the Flying Circus slots game is the Ring Master symbol. If you manage to get all five of them on an active pay line you will win 5000 coins for a one coin per line spin, if you are playing maximum coins per line the payout will be 100,000 coins! The Ring Master symbol doesn’t substitute for the Clown symbol to complete winning scatter combinations, or to activate the Free Spins bonus game. The Clown symbol is a scatter symbol which means it does not need to appear in a line on an enabled payline to win. It can be scattered anywhere on the five reels provided two or more Clown symbols appear. Three or more Clown symbols scattered anywhere on the five reels activate the Free Spins bonus game. This a great casino game and definitely worth a try.

Jurassic Jackpot

Jurassic Jackpot is a three reel, one payline, and two coin casino slot game. It is based on the famous Hollywood movie Jurassic Park. Some of the symbols are derived from the film, and the Tyrannosaurus Rex is a wild symbol in the game. It has some great sound effects which makes you feel like you are in the Jungle hunting with the gigantic T-Rex! You can hear frogs croaking and dinosaurs roaring in the background and sound effects that vary depending on your bet per spin. The Jurassic Jackpot symbol is wild and substitutes for any other symbol to complete winning combinations.Get one T-Rex symbol on the payline and you get double the payout. Get two, and your payout quadruples! This is a casino game not to be missed! Want to get started with the best online casinos? Check for more details.

Kung Fu Monkey

Kung Fu Monkey Goes To Chinatown is an entertaining and highly original online casino slot machine. It features various primates in their different martial arts gear fighting it out across this five reel and fifteen pay line amusing blackjack online casino games. This online slots game has you fighting your way against the bad guys to rescue the hostage. In the first level, you are up against six massive baboons. You need to defeat three to move up to the next level where your mission is to beat three out of six Ninja monkeys. In the final level of the game, you need to beat the Bad Gorilla to release your hostages. Kung Fu Monkey has several bonus features, including a wild symbol, two scatters, multipliers, free spins and a second screen bonus game that entertains across three levels. Three Chinatown symbols scattered anywhere on reels 2, 3 and 4 activate the Kung Fu bonus game. Gong symbols scattered anywhere on reels 1 and 5 activate the Free Spins bonus game. This online casino is fun and offers stunning graphics with a cool ninja fighting, oriental theme.